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Our elders need to hear what they CAN accomplish, not what they can’t!

The Ageless Generation is more active, more energized and more aware than ever before. Be part of the solution! Here’s how:


10,000 Senior Communities

Our goal is to share Redwood Highway with 10,000 communities, and we’ll reach that mark with your help. You don’t have to do anything other than donate $50, and you’ll receive a copy of Redwood Highway to enjoy yourself. Help us show our elders how valuable they  still are! 

Redwood Highway

The motion picture Redwood Highway starring two time Academy Award nominee Shirley Knight and Hollywood legend Tom Skerritt is a new kind of movie. Its goal is to show the Ageless Generation that they’re Not Finished Yet, and that they can still live vibrant lives, have amazing adventures and contribute to society. Our goal is to show Redwood Highway in every senior community in the US and Canada, AT NO COST. For us to accomplish this goal we need you help. 

Donate $50 to the Not Finished Yet movement and two things will happen:

  1. You’ll receive a copy of the Redwood Highway DVD to enjoy and share with your family.
  2. Because of your donation one senior community in North America will receive a copy of the movie and will be able to show this inspirational film to their residents. (We’ll even send you the name of the community you supported so you know exactly who benefited from your gift.)
This is an amazing opportunity to EMPOWER our elders and help them realize that They’re Not Finished Yet! There are still no many adventures to enjoy and lessons to learn. Share this program with everyone you know.
Donate $50
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